7 Signs of Kidney Infection you must pay attention to

According to a study conducted by WHO over 137 million have kidney infections. Most of the signs of kidney diseases are deliberately ignored, unnoticed or appear very late. The best way to discuss your health statues is to periodically go for medical checkup or speak to your doctor but any discomfort

Here are the 7 signs you must not ignore

Feeling too tired or lethargic– Kidney disease can make you feel really exhausted and tired after one or two normal activities. A significant drop in kidney function will result in an accumulation of toxins and impurities in the bloodstream. It also lowers the number of red blood cells. This can make people feel exhausted and weak, making it difficult to focus.

Excessive urination– Kidney disease is very much associated with an increase in need to urinate all the time. Some people many even experience a drop in the frequency of urination.

Blood in urine: Urine might appear cola colored or deep red due to damage in the filters of the kidney

Foamy urine: Urine that smells badly or foams is a strong indication of an infection of the kidneys or, filtering out of albumin in the urine. Albumin is a protein, and its presence in the urine points to kidney damage.

Presence of Puffy face and swollen ankles: Protein loss causes swelling in the ankles and feet, particularly in the mornings. Facial swelling (moon face) is often visible. Swelling that happens while sleeping and disappears during the day should be checked for kidney disease.

Problems with sleeping at night- The kidneys are in charge of filtering waste from the body and excreting it by urine. There’s also restlessness of the leg during sleep, which is thought to be caused by an elevated urea level in the blood. Obesity and sleep apnea are two conditions that are often linked to kidney disease (snoring or having trouble breathing during sleep).

Dry and very itchy skin– Kidney seasons can also cause dry and itchy skin. Toxins such as Urea, Uric acid and other deficiency can build up under the skin.

Loss of appetite– So people might no longer have the urge to eat food. Loss of appetite isn’t a storng indication but its one signs people must not ignore.

Muscle cramp or fatigue– Lack of vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin D or potassium may result to muscle cramps or fatigue may occur.

What they do i do?

The best advice is to go to the hopsital for proper treatement. The earlier the treamtemtn the better for you or someone you know. Please avoid self medication.

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