What Thomas Tuchel fears the most at Chelsea

The optimism is high at Chelsea at the moment thanks to the incredible work done by Thomas Tuchel. The manager has inculcated a winning culture in the team, rotated them brilliantly and reached two consecutive finals.

Everyone expects Thomas Tuchel to win both the FA Cup and the Champions League- which ultimately guarantee’s Chelsea a place in next year’s champions league irrespective of their league position.

But what if Chelsea lose the FA Cup to Leicester City; the Champions League to Manchester City and then the fourth spot to Liverpool?

What will be Thomas Tuchel fate at Chelsea? That monumental collapse is unforgiving but redeemable.

Thomas Tuchel meant be looking positive whenever the camera is on him but deep down, he is worried about the negative implication of failure. He must have asked: ‘What if things don’t work out as i have planned?

Will Chelsea give me a second chance to redeem myself or will i be sacked and my reputation dented?

Well, we all know the answer to that question.

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