Having too much sex—what are the risks involved?

According to study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour in 2017, it is reported that an average adult has sex 54 times a year { at least once, with a few throw in}. Its ok to compare it with your own sexual behaviour but the question you must question is what is precaution of over doing it?

According to Rebecca. C. Brightman, MD, assistant clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive medicine at the Icahn school of medicine at Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, she explained that sex is ok provided there’s no adverse effect.

“The definition of frequent sex is variable and if it feels good and doesn’t hurt, then sex at any frequency is okay,” 

So when those having too much sex become a problem?

The biggest physical danger of having a lot of sex is excessive swelling of the vagina and labia, Sherry A. Ross, ob-gyn and women’s health specialist in Santa Monica, California and author of she-ology and she-ology. the she-quel, tells Health. “The vagina and labia become engorged with blood with a lot of sexual stimulation, and this may lead to unnecessary swelling and discomfort with sexual touch,” she says.

A long sex session may also cause the vagina’s natural lubrication to dry up, resulting in friction and pain. “If you don’t have enough foreplay to become sexually stimulated and wet,” Dr. Ross explains, “the vagina will be dry, rendering intercourse unpleasant when the penis or fingers touch the vagina.” She points out that vaginal dryness can also occur in menopausal women, resulting in a burning sensation inside the vagina during sexual contact and penetration.


Dr. Brightman advises that if you have a swollen and/or sore vagina after sexual intercourse, you can stop and wait until you feel better. If the swelling is serious, apply an ice pack for relief. Consider using a vaginal lubricant or extra virgin coconut oil the next time you do it to create extra wetness in the vagina for a longer sex session. Aquaphor or a similar substance will help to relieve chafing, according to Dr. Ross

When men overdo it, they will feel similar pain, according to Dr. Ross. “Soreness, swelling, and chafing of the penis may occur, and [a man] may have trouble urinating.”

When men overdo it, they will feel similar pain, according to Dr. Ross. “Soreness, swelling, and chafing of the penis may occur, and [a man] may have trouble urinating.”

While a thicker penis makes the vagina feel more full, being excessively stretched can be painful and uncomfortable, and it can even cause vaginal tears, particularly if you’re having a lot of sex.

The more sex you have, the higher your risk of bladder and vaginal infections, according to Dr. Ross, because the normal pH balance of the vagina is disrupted when bacteria from the vagina and anus find their way into the bladder.


The side effect of having a lot of sex may necessitate medical treatment in some cases. Check with your doctor if you have any unexplained discharge, unusual or prolonged bleeding, signs of tearing, discomfort while urinating, or persistent vulvar pain.

But if all the sex has left you with is a sense of fulfillment (and maybe a little exhaustion), there’s no excuse you can’t keep going. “You’re not in any danger as long as there’s proper lubrication and consensual breaks in between getting under the covers,” Dr. Ross says. “In a relationship, communication is critical, particularly during intimacy. Being open and frank with your partner guarantees a happy relationship.

Listen to your body at all times, Dr. Brightman adds. If something doesn’t feel good—whether it’s the first time you’ve had sex for a week, or your third round in 24 hours—stop and discuss it with your partner. And if you feel like you’re overdoing it, take a break for a day or two.

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