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Its Fake News! Zinedine Zidane refutes Real Madrid exit remour

How does fake news spread? Simple, put a fabricated story in one of the world’s most visited website, other similiar or smaller sites pick up the news and then publish it for their thousands of readers to read.

Fake or not, since its everyone people will believe it.

But such fake news can only be refuted by the man who is behind the story and that is Zinedine Ziadane. The Real Madrid manager has refuted claims that he told his players that he was leaving.

Because if he did, that will mean he lacks intelligence. In such a crucial period of the season where the La Liga title is as stalk, telling his player’s he was leaving will instantly demoralize his player’s who love and appreciate him.

So if Zidane didn’t say, who then said it? Why the news spread like wildfire without verification? And finally, who is hell bent on seeing Zidane leave?

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