Fixing Kaduna State: Why El Rufai’s idea is right but his approach is wrong

Mallam El-Rufai’s decision to downsize the civil service have been met with brute force by the people of Kaduna State and the Nigeria Labour Congress.

The governor rationale for doing so is down to his discovery of how the state funds is spent. He discovered that 90% of the state funds are used in paying less than 100,000 employees who don’t add any value to the state.

If 100,000 employees is downsized to 20,000 or even 10,000, the government will have enough money to provide the basic necessities residents in Kaduna state desperately needs..

“Kaduna state has no choice but to shed some weight and reduce the size of the public service. It is painful but necessary step to take, for the sake of the majority of the people of this state”, the governor was quote dto have said.

“The public service of the state with less than 100,000 employees and their families cannot be consuming more than 90% of government resources, with little left to positively impact the lives of the more than 9 million that are not political appointees or civil servants.

“It is gross injustice for such a micro minority to consume the majority of the resources of the State,” Mr El-Rufai said.

Reading through the governors comment is easy to understand why he cutting salaries, refusing to pay pensioners and even sacking over 60,000 workers.

El-Rufai want’s to project Kaduna State into a modern city where government and its machineries can work assiduously for the people and not spend everything for just a few employees.

But, the governor erred in his approach. He shouldn’t have rushed in firing thousands of public and civil servants just to save cost without offering them an alternatives to survive.

Those people have small and large families who need their earnings to survive.

Rather than disband them in a hurry, the governor should have offered them short or long term loans to start up businesses or, empowered private owned businesses to grow exponentially which then absorb the extra work force.

Its never weakness if the governor backs down and reinstate the workers.. What he has to do now and do it cleverly is to partner with the private sector and step by step shed off the heavy load.

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