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Just like Werner: 3 reasons why Liverpool will not sign Ibrahima Konate

Liverpool are reportedly closing in on signing RB Leipzig Ibrahim Konate but how true is that information? The Reds haven’t confirmed the deal neither has RB Liepzig released any official statement regarding the deals.

For now all we do it speculate which might be false or close to the truth.

Ibrahim Konate without doubt posses the prerequisite skillsets and mentality needed to strive at Liverpool. He is young {22}, incredibly talented and have room to improve. Everything about the defender fits perfectly to Liverpool but, bringing him to Anfield is much more complicated.

Paying £46m for him might make a lot of sense at the moment but what happens when Van Dijk, Joe Gomez, Joel Matip all return? Van Dijk and Joe Gomez will always start ahead of the French youngster and that will hamper his development.

Secondly, what will Liverpool than do about their breakthrough star Nathaniel Philipp. The English youngster might be raw but he is still a dominate defender who can leap has high as 6 ft to win the ball or direct it towards goal.

Just like Van Dijk, he has a powerful presence in the air and his tackling and game reading is very impressive. Liverpool will be better off with Philips than Konate to be honest.

Finally, why should Liverpool sign him now that Raphael Varane is in the market. Varane is an accomplished defender with lots of experiences and skillsets.

A player of that caliber will instantly guarantee Liverpool both Premier League and Champions League glory and if that is case, why should Liverpool then sign Konate for £46m when they can get a world class defender for £60m?

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