10 embarrassing facts about Nigeria government

Nigeria is one of the most blessed country in the world due to its dynamic population and the abundance of natural resources.

Sadly, the country have concentrated its full strength on only Oil exploration which is fast losing its value in the international market due to technological advancements in alternative energy.

Nations are evolving, Nigeria is digressing and this can be linked to the backward government.

Here are the 10 embarrassing facts about the Nigeria government

-It is only in Nigeria that the members of the upper and lower house consumer 53% of the entire nation’s budget. A single senator earns over N450,000 on allowances a day, N4.5m a week, N19m a month and 228,000,000 a year.

Now multiply that fee by 199 senators and you get N4,332,000,000. If you add the allowances of house of representatives, governors, ministers, special advisors e.t.c you will then understand why Nigeria has remained a stagnate country.

-Nigeria is the only country in the world were the president and vice-president have both relinquished their duties to their senior special advisors. Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina speak on behalf of the entire government.

-Nigeria is the only country in Africa were quota system and not meritocracy is used in filling up positions in government. It doesn’t matter if the individual have an what it takes to work but from they’re from educationally backward state, they’re qualified.

-It is only Nigeria that a government official will loot the entire state treasury while he/she is in office and yet, be protected by the police who are suppose to be probing them for massive corruption.

-Nigeria is the only country where most of the top government officials are awarded certificate of achievements, chieftaincy or traditional titles for bad leadership.

In fact. priests, pastors or imams pray earnestly for God to keep them alive to keep stealing and paying to the church or mosque.

– Nigeria is the only country in the world were state governors act like a demi gods. They do whatever they want cause the president and his vice is incapacitated.

-Nigeria is the only country in the world were the government always lament about changing oil price and subsidy but refuse to build refineries. If Nigeria could build world class refineries in major oil producing state, it massively help in oil production and price regulations. Secondly, it will create thousands of jobs.

– Its is only in Nigeria that imams or sheiks know the whereabouts of terrorists and not the government.

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