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One last dance: Manchester United offers Cristiano Ronaldo 2 year contract

Manchester United have reportedly offered Cristiano Ronaldo a two year contract worth £28.5m to rejoin the club. The attacker might be 35-years-old but, he is possess the stamina, pace, incredible dribbling ability and goal to rival the best in the business.

United are hoping to take him off Juventus cheque book knowing his arrival will boast their chances of winning a domestic trophy as well as attracting some of the biggest investors in the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s isn’t just a world class goal scorer, he is a money spinning machine and investors love him.

Although, his agent Jorge Mendes feels its best he remains in Italy with Juventus where trophies and top level football is guaranteed. His mother on the other hand feels Sporting Lisbon will be better for him.

Ronaldo meanwhile is yet to decide. He is happy at Juventus after hoisting aloft the Coppa Italia trophy but worried over their lack of success in both league and Europe.

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