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Record set and matched: Robert Lewandowski breaks Gerard Muller’s 40 goal record

What a striker, what a legend? Robert Lewandiowski has eneded Gerard Muller’s 40 years record with a stunnign goal against Ausburg.

The Polish superstar is now the first player in Bayern Munich history to score 41 goals in a single campagin eclipsing Gerard Muller’s 40 goals record set in 1972/73.

He is also the first playeer in BUdnesliga history to achieve that fate while winning an unprecendeted 9 league trophies. In addition, he is still the only player to achieve that fate as the UEFA and FIFA World Best player.

Lewandowski is truly a remarkable player and Bayern Munich will be hoping to keep him at the club as long as he remains fit and in form.

only the first player in Bundesliga history and the only player to have won 9 consecutive Bundesliga titles

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