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Why Real Madrid’s failure has nothing to do with Zidane

For the first time in Zinedine Zidane’s managerial career, he has needed a season without lifting a single trophy with Real Madrid. In fact this is the first time since the 2009/10 season that Madrid have ended a season with nothing.

Los Blancos pride themselves as the best club in the world but, the best clubs always win consecutive league or domestic trophies.

The likes of Bayern Munich, PSG, Juventus and even Manchester City have always won something regardless of how bad the season is or how many players got injured.

They always find a way to win.

But in Real Madrid case this seasons is completely different. Zidane had to start the season with a worn out squad which baldy needed to be revamped. But the club just couldn’t due to the financial impact of Covid-19 and reconstruction of the stadium which cost an estimated $1b.

And So the campaign began, Madrid began to stutter, Zidane tried steading the shape until injuries took a massive hit on the boat and then it capsized.

As the captain of the shape, Zidane still didn’t give up nor did he care about the unpleasant stories from the Spanish media.

Brilliantly, he stared the club back into contention and in the process, brought out the best of several key players like Karim Benzema, Vinicius Jr, Militao, Casemiro, Kroos and Thiabaut.

Together, they reached the Champions League semi final and finished second place behind Atletico Madrid. In other top clubs that will be viewed as an achievement but not in Real Madrid.

Success in Real Madrid though means winning trophies and without it, means failure irrespective of injuries or lack of signings.

As it stands, Madrid’s failure has nothing to do with Zidane so it will be wise to keep the awesome captain on board rather than toast him out to the open sea where sinking ships like Juventus and PSG are desperately looking for a world class captain.

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