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Suarez emotions: The untold story of Atletico Madrid’s true hero

Barcelona decision to cast aside Luis Suarez was just able but the manner in which it was done was brutal. The club had just suffered its most embarrassing season in history after been beaten 8-2 by Bayern Munich just a season after losign 4-0 to Liveprool.

Changes were needed and Ronald Koeman was hired to make that drastic change. His first mission was to keep Lionel Messi focused by kicking out Luis Suarez.

In a minute chat with Luis Suarez, Keoman told Suarez to find a new club cause he is no longer needed. That humiliation from Koeman was heart wrenching but it did get Luis Suarez fired.

The Suarez sort reprieve in Juventus hands but a deal failed before Diego Simone came calling. The Atletico Madrid boss saw the fire in Suarez eyes and knew he was angry with Barcelona.

Suarez wanted to prove he is still a world class player and Atletico Madrid were delighted with his motivation. Quickly the club offered Alvaro Morata to Juventus and then told Diego Costa to leave the club.

Although, Barcelona tired blocking the deal but had to succumb after been put under pressure from several quarters including from Lionel Messi.

With Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarez has scored 21 league goals for which 7 of those goals were match winners. He scored two consecutive back to back goals in the dying minute of Atletico Madrid’s title winning runs to ensure they were champions.

So impressive that his manager called the ‘six final matches of the season as the ‘Suarez zone’. He believed his team won’t lose provided Suarez is there.

And boy! was he right. The 33-year-old instinctively created the space for his teammates to score or, he those it himself.

Suarez single handily won Atletico Madrid the Spanish La Liga title and in the same denied both Barcelona or Real Madrid.

The unsung hero will now have the last laugh as both Real Madrid and Barcelona will be sacking their respective coaches who managed just one trophy in-between.

Keoman’s fate now lies in Suarez boot.. Brutal!

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