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Suarez is wrong! Barcelona were right to kick him out

Luis Suarez vituperations about his fate in Barcelona currently paints two pictures. The first picture was how bad he was treated by the club Ronald Keoman and the club management.

The second picture show that those currently managing Barcelona lacked foresight. Suarez is a top striker and all he needed to win them games and trophies was motivation.

Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simone understood Luis Suarez anger and summed it up minutes after winning the league by the telling reporters:

“He {Suarez} came with all the questions about his departure at Barcelona and arrived with a rebellion of a 20-year-old boy, with an enthusiasm, wanting to show that he was a force.

“And when a guy who is used to winning, joins a team that needs to win it can paint [a perfect picture].”

That picture though was tainted in Barcelona’s end with Luis Suarez in.

The Blaugrana giants had hit rock bottom after Bayern Munich smashed them 8-2 with Philippe Coutinho {Barca’s most expensive signing and currently, the club’s worst signing} scoring twice.

Painfully, that is not the first time Barcelona have been humiliated in the Champions League. They were stunned by AS Roma before Liverpool crushed them to dust at Anfield. Suarez played in all three matches but failed to make a statement.

Frankly, none of those defeats could be compared to the 8-2 mauling from Bayern Munich. That result meant Barcelona had to kick out several players and rebuild with Lionel Messi.

It might have annoyed Messi but it was the right decision then and now. Doing that enabled Barcelona to recover and win the Copa Del Rey.

Yes! Suarez wasn’t kicked out properly with the send off, emotional text messages from the president, board member and all that..

But, he has to understand that the club was broken then and desperately needed to be fixed.

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