3 possible reasons why Barcelona bound Gini Wijnaldum left Liverpool

Liverpool’s decision to allow a world class midfielder like Gini Wijnaldum leave for free is frankly strange. The Reds midfield is far stronger, more agile and absolutely unstoppable when Gini Wijnaldum, Jordan Henderson and Fabinho play in midfield.

If that is known, then is Liverpool breaking up that incredible midfield that won them the Champions league, the Premier League title along with a host of trophies. Gini is still young, full of vibe and energy.

Gini is the only midfielder in Liverpool’s rank who didn’t suffer any injury problems. He was there, running his lungs out for the club and contributing in many ways for them to win. In fact, Gini proved his class against Real Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League by single handily taking Toni Kroos out of the game with his world class turns.

But despite all this incredible qualities so why then did Liverpool decide to let him go.

Length of contract-Gini Wijnaldum’s agent Humphrey Nijman and legal advisor, Jan Kabalt were trying hard to secure Gini a 3 year contract and not the 2 Liverpool were trying to offer him.

Gini wants to stay at Liverpool for as long as possible and wouldn’t mind retiring at the club if they give him the opportunity to do so. But sadly, that fate is reserved for a few. Even the club’s greatest player Steven Gerrard didn’t pull that off.

The money involved– Gini loves Liverpool but he still has bills to pay and a family to cater for. Liverpool were willing to offer him just 70,000-a-week which is 130,000 less than what Mohamed Salah is currently.

Even the misfiring Roberto Firmino earns 140,000-a-week while Thiago Alcantara who is yet to prove himself earns 180,000-a-week. Gini is absolutely right to reject Liverpool’s contract offer.

FSG business model- The club’s decision makers decided to let Wijnaldum leave probably due to his contract demands, Covid-19 financial impact or, they feel Liverpool need to be more stylish in play rather one dimension- counter press.

But soon, Wijnaldum will reveal why he left the club.

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