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Coaches for hire: Manchester United could finally hire the best

Another final, another disappointment, heartache and off course, tears form players who played their lungs and hearts for Manchester United only be broken over and over again.

Villarreal’s defeat further highlights the major difference between Manchester United and the rest of Europe’s finest teams.

While Manchester United had the team to rival Manchester United and Chelsea, they lacked the manager to truly lead them to victory. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer depended more on the player’s individual abilities and not a detailed instructions of how to win.

Unai Emery had four or five players he could count on and had a plan to win collectively. His plan was carried out in pure perfection and today, Villarreal have won their first ever European trophies.

That achievement means, he is the first and only manager to have won 4 Europa League trophy.. incredible.

Solskjaer on the other hand has proven Manchester Untied must replace him now that 4 of Europe’s finest managers are in the market.

Zinedine Zidane, Antonio Conte, Nuno Espirito Santos and Lille’s unbelievable coach Christophe Galtier are all available.

But the first team will certainly get Manchester United back on track in the Premier League and a force in Europe

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