Doctor warns: Pregnant women ‘who eat too much risk’ gestational diabetes and difficulty in labour

The myth about eating for two while pregnant have been demystified by two of Nigerians’ highly rated Obstetrician and Gynecologists, Dr. Joseph and Akinde and Dr. Gregory Ohihoin who both warned of the impact of eating too much or less.

According to the medical experts, the baby’s nutrition depends on the mother’s diet, this doesn’t mean the mother needs to eat double the quantity during pregnancy.

Dr. Akande advises pregnant women to eat moderately and not too much. He explained that some women while have urge to eat veraciously while pregnant and for others less.

Eating too much results to weight gain and the baby becomes to big to push out therefore, cesarean section must be applied.

“If a pregnant women overeats, the baby will come out too big, she may get too big and the baby may be too big and she might have some difficulty in pushing out the baby”, Akande said.

Dr. Gregory Ohihoin further warns that veracious eating may not only lead to over weight, the women will be at higher risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus and difficulty in labour.

He also added that women who don’t eat very little while pregnant are at risk of having extremely small babies with a higher risk of complications.

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