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Bridge finally broken: Zinedine Zidane ends Real Madrid’s love affair

Zinedine Zidane’s infamous letter to Real Madrid has succeeded breaking the bond that holds the manager and club together.

The French tactician attacked the club’s tradition, the president Florentino Perez and press who never sopped talking about his replacement. At a moment, it felt like the press were a attack dog on Zidane if his team fails to win a game or two.

Two or three defeats in a row instantly means Zidane was going to get sacked and press made that clear by reminding him of past managers who similarly failed to win games or trophies.

Zidane feels Real Madrid should be building him a stature not sacking him. He won 13 trophies as a manager, 3 trophies as an assistant manager and 11 trophies as a manager including the first ever Champions League treble.

If such a similar fate was achieved by Jurgen Klopp with Liverpool, a stature of him would’ve been built outside the stadium or, the stadium will be renamed after him.

But at Real Madrid, no one gives a shit! what Zidane or others won. Managers are expected to win titles every season and once they fail, they either sacked or forced to resign.

Zidane has felt the hammer blow and retaliated by burning the bridge that unites him with Real Madrid.

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