7 ways sex in marriage can become boring

Many marriage counselors agree that sex is important in marriages, albeit how often you and your spouse engage in it can fluctuate over time. According to some experts, the most important factor in determining the frequency of sex in a marriage is how enjoyable the action is in the bedroom.

In fact, some people are thought to have happy, fulfilling, and healthy romantic relationships with their partners despite not having regular sex with them. For some couples, however, a happy, meaningful, and healthy marriage entails having sex on a regular basis, regardless of where they are or what time of day it is. Each to their own!

Emphasis on sex alone- According to a Lagos based marriage counsellor, Mrs Bolanle Alaofin, sex isn’t the only aspect of marriage, it goes deeper than that. Sex is good for marriage but it is also important that both partner enjoy the pleasure not just one partner.

Comparing your partner with another– Once your partner begins to compare your present sex live with another, the marriage will instantly become boring and tiring. Marriages are a union of two couples who share everything together and solve problems together. Once there’s a break in communication, problems arises.

Stressed out- Its makes no sense indulging in sex instantly without having sufficient rest after work. Sex isn’t everything about marriage, we need to rest, eat and talk about each other’s feelings first and later sex.

The same technique, nothing new– Sex will instantly become boring if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. Its advisable to spies up your sex life by bringing in something new to the bedroom.

Not being spontaneous– Sex should happen anytime not a given day, hour or minute. It should be started with a simple kiss, touch or cat call. Let it be spontaneous and the memory will live for ever.

Let it be initiated by both parties– Sex will instantly become boring if one partner does the whole work all the time while the other partner just sits back and those nothing. It can also become exhausting if one partner always puts up a fight whenever the other partner approaches.

Knowing each other’s turn on– Everyone has a turn on to get them to the mood. For other’s it could be ice cream, fried meat, clothes or even a simple flower. Once you get your partner their heart desire, they will instantly fall for you.

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