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3 years of horror: Why Philippe Coutinho can’t wait to quit Barcelona

Philippe Coutinho is a handful of superstars who will do anything to rewind the hands of time and rewrite the contract that destroyed their promising career.

At Liverpool, Coutinho was the star of team. The one player each and every club in the world wanted back in 2018. But rather than stay back and hid Jurgen Klopp advise, Coutinho left the limelight of true greatness and stepped into the wilderness.

His decision to join Barcelona for a world record $142m was the start of his downfall. He joined a team that plays a completely different style of football from what he is used to and had to accept he was just part of the team and not the main star.

Lionel Messi was and will always be.

Unlike Liverpool, where he is the star of the show, at Barcelona he was just a supporting cast and that really affected him mentally.

Luckily for him, he was loaned to Bayern Munich who went on to dominate Europe and beat Barcelona 8-2 on a neutral ground. The 28-year-old did score twice but, that was the highest of the lows in his career.

He was signed to make Barcelona a force to reckon with not to humiliate them in front of the world.

But finally all that drama and heartache is about to come to end this summer..

Philippe Coutinho will be sold to any club prepared to pay $45m asking price or, he will be loaned out with an option to remain there permanently once his asking price is paid.

To those at Barcleona, Coutinho is the worst signing in the club’s history and seeing his back will be best thing to ever happen to the club after Maria Bartomeu departure. But to the player, he is just happy to finally leave Barcelona.

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