Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo reveals why winning the ‘Euros will be the most important trophy’ in his career

After 18 years at the top level and 5 tournaments with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has reached the end of the road with the national team. Sadly, the 2020/21 Euros will be his last tournament and the 36-year-old has vowed to leave with the grandest of stage with a bang.

Explosively, Ronaldo has hit the headlines with a simple gesture that stunned UEFA co-sponsors as well as impressed health officials.

The Portuguese captain removed two bottles of Coca Cola trajectory placed close to him for advertisement purposes.

Aware of the brands motive, Ronaldo removed the ‘surgery drinks’ before advising the general public to drink ‘water, its good for you’.

That message from Ronaldo has reached over 200m people and counting..

Ronaldo meanwhile has revealed that winning the Euros for the second time in a row will be the biggest achievement in his career. Cause it will mean, he has captained Portugal to three consecutive trophies, a feat no single player has ever achieved.

In fact, Ronaldo is the first captain in Portugal’s history to win a trophy. Winning three in a row will be sensational and that is the fate Ronaldo is aiming to achieve.

If he does it and then breaks the world record for most goal in an international tournament, he will certainly be the second greatest player in history after Pele.

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