10 things you must do before travelling around Nigeria’s dangerous roads

The level of insecurity in Nigeria is terrifying therefore it will be wise to take necessary stops before venturing to your destination. Currently, some roads are too dangerous to navigate through and must be avoided at all cost 0due to prevalent attacks from Fulani herdsmen’s, armed robbers and kidnappers.

In other avoid becoming a victim, its best you follow this ten steps.

Call family and friends to notify about any attack or dangers in the road– Before travelling, always call those who you going to meet to notify you about the current state of the road. If they assure you to come over, then proceed but if they don’t, stay back or board a flight.

Don’t travel at night- Night raiders will always be on the road looking for who to kill and steal they respective properties. Please avoid travelling at the night regardless of how cheap it is, your life is worth it.

While your travelling, be observant of the vehicles coming from the left or right- Once you see vehicles are no longer coming from right or left, tell the drive to stop instantly. Terrorist, armed robbers or kidnappers are likely on the rampage.

If you wait and don’t see a vehicles for the next 30 or 1 hour, tell the driver to turn back and locate the nearest village and wait for information.

Always have your running shoe or boats close to you– The roads are very dangerous and if you do come in contact with daredevils be ready to run as far as possible into bushes or nearby villagers. Don’t wear fancy shoes or high heels while travelling, always keep you running boots close in case of emergency.

Watch the driver and be observant of what he says or does all the time- In Kaduna state, there’s a report that drivers are been offered for free a shuttle bus if they can converge two trip of passengers to the kidnappers den.

If you notice the driver is a bit edgy, making consistent calls, sweating profusely irrespective of the breeze or, refuses to indulge in polite conversation, ask him to stop you and drop out. Such men or women have a struck deal with evil doers to deliver people to them.

Avoid entering a vehicle when with one door and the majority of the people in it look like criminals- Look first before jumping into a vehicle, don’t be in a hurry. If only one door works, don’t enter cause once its shut your done for.

Secondly, look at the people’s face and if you notice they look like criminals or kidnappers, turn back.

Keep a weapon close in case of emergency– If you have a licensed pistol, keep it close in case of emergency. Most of the transport companies in Nigeria don’t search, so you free to hold a knife, gun or whatever to protect yourself and loved ones.

Keep a radio close to listen to news and a phone too- Always be alert and get the latest information on the road.

When stopped by police or army, bribe them and keep moving cause some of them are criminals- Once the police or the army stops you to ask questions, be patient and listen to them. Once the conservation drags too long, offer them a bribe, they will always take it and you be on your way.

If you exchange heated words with them, they will not only delay you, they might even shoot you or someone in your vehicle. So rather than waste time, offer them bribe and move on.

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