Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s remarks cost Coca Cola $4 billion

Coca Cola’s share has taken a massive hit after Cristiano Ronaldo deliberately removed their drinks from his table and advised his millions of followers to avoid the carbonated liquid and instead drink more water.

That gesture from Ronaldo during his press conference ahead of Portugal vs Hungery cost UEFA’s co-sponsor billionaires of dollars in the share market.

The world’s largest soft drink company were shocked to see their shares dropped from 56.10 dollars to 55.22 dollars seconds after Ronaldo removed their drinks from his press conference table.

In fact, cokes value fell from $242b to 238b in just a day. $4b worth of value was lost thanks to Ronaldo..

Cristiano Ronaldo has all but confirmed his superstar power as well as his advocacy for healthy living.

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