Ronaldo and now Pogba, ‘product placements charade’ is turning the whole Euros into a kids how

In the space of a week, two superstars have removed products belonging to UEFA’s co-sponsors Coca Cola and Heineken.

First it was Cristiano Ronaldo who removed two coke bottles before advising 600m fans of his to drink water rather than Coke. That action, saw Coke lose over 4b in revenues in just a single day.

Now, Paul Pogba have done the same by removing Heineken from his view cause it contradicts with his faith.

Pogba is a practicing Muslim and alcohol is forbidden in Islam.

His action is understandable and no insane person will ask why. But the question we all need to ask is why was Heineken placed in front of Paul Pogba knowing he is a Muslim? and secondly, why was Coca Cola bottles placed in front of Cristiano Ronaldo knowing he has a strong affinity for surgery products?

Ronaldo’s longevity in the top level is down to his freakish fitness regime and never about junk food and surgery drinks.

UEFA’s co-sponsors must stopping ignoring the players belief for their own selfish gains because if they continue, players with millions of fans will keep resenting their products which in turn will affect their value in the market.

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