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Why Real Madrid are absolutely right to kick Sergio Ramos out

Sergio Ramos imminent departure is currently viewed with mixed feelings by the footballing world. To some, Ramos emboldens everything Real Madrid have come to be for the past 10 years and to others, his departure could turn out to be a costly mistake.

There’s no denying that Ramos was pivotal in Madrid winning 13 trophies under Zidane, he always finds a way to get the players focused and battle ready to win.

But in between those success, he was a massive liability to the club.

They was always a tendency of him losing his head and getting set off for an aggressive challenge on a player, confrontational dispute with the referee or even, go ballistic on the opposition manager and his coaching staff.

Ramos was just to crazy to stay calm and that ensured he became La Liga’s most red carded player with 26 and 56 yellows.

Keeping him far longer than most defenders was a well calculated move by Florentino Perez who intuitively knew Ramos was an exceptionally talented defender with a powerful mentality.

His leadership qualities was second to none and that enabled Real Madrid remain competitive against a very strong Barcelona side that dominated La Liga and Europe for years under the tutelage of Frank Rijkaard, Pep Guardiola and Luis Enrique.

But with Ramos as captain, Los Blancos were able to close the gap and stay competitive even 12 managers were sacked in Ramos 16 years stay at Madrid. Thankfully, Madrid outgrown obscurity and challenged Barcelona and the rest of Europe for everything.

Back then, Ramos was on fire, now he is an injury plagued player who lacks the physical fitness or mobility to compete. Getting rid of him is absolutely right.

Added to that, Ramos is no position to make demands and must accept whatever the Los Blancos offers him be it a one year or six months contract.

If he says ‘no, i want this and that’, the club must reject it and show him the exit door like they’ve done other legends and still remained competitive.

After all, the Real Madrid’s defense is far better without him. The club can boast of having four of the finest centre backs in the world, Eder Militao, Nacho, Raphael Varane and David Alaba who will deliver them trophies.

Ramos is great, but thank god that bolt of insanity is over.

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