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Why Real Madrid and Barcelona are envious of PSG

For the past 10 years, PSG has flexed its muscles among the traditionally recognized clubs in Europe and stamped its mark as a super club. They stunned everyone by blowing apart the transfer market during the acquisition of Neymar {€222m} and Kylian Mbappe {€184m}.

That act, confirmed that club owner and Qatar ruler Tamin bin Hamad Al Thani, meat business and his state-owned shareholding organization Qatar Sports Investment {QSI} are in Paris to conquer not play second fiddle to anyone.

Since 2011-2021, PSG have spent over €1.5b in signing player and over €800m in wages. When it comes to stability, income generation and transfer negotiations, no club does it better than PSG at the moment.

This is probably why Real Madrid can’t sign Kylian Mbappe neither can Barcelona take back Neymar. Both Spanish clubs are lacking the financial power to wrestle PSG or Manchester City {United Arab Emirates owned club} when it comes to signing world class players.

State owned clubs have come into the game and changed the dynamics of football.

Finally, A-list players have the option of staying in Europe and earning similar wages to those of their peers plying their trade in Asia or the oil rich Middle Eastern States.

PSG is capable of paying €600,000 or even €1-m a week to any player they feel deserves it and that is a problem to Real Madrid and Barcelona who are envious as well as terrified of the new giants.

They no longer call the shot in the football and their recent failure in launching the European Super League confirmed that.

PSG rejected the idea from the onset, refused to sign any agreement and watched as the new formed league crumbled in less than 42 hours. That singular act won them lots of admiration across the Europe and a big say in UEFA’s decision making board.

While PSG is upgraded by Fans, UEFA and FIFA, the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus are downgraded. What they say or do no longer matters to fervent football lovers.

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