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Why Lionel Messi is Barcelona’s major strength and weakness

For the past 17 years, Barcelona have witnessed the growth, evolution and record breaking records of Lionel Messi. The Argentinean superstars have always been the man to step up to the podium when things were tough and delivered memorable displays that left the whole world stunned.

Now 34-years-old and reaching the end of incredible career, Messi is the still man Barcelona’s are depending upon to win them games and titles.

The thought of easing him out of the team like most clubs will do at this stage of his career is yet to ‘cross the head of the fans or the club’s president Joan Laporta’. Everyone wants him to stay and keep rolling back the years with magnificent footballs.

But keeping the Argentinean is a massive burden on the club as it counts for a significant percentage of the club’s overall expenditure. Probably the reason why the club is yet to reach both financial and legal agreement with the player.

But frankly, its time Barcelona stop living in the past and start building for the future by investing on younger, fitter and much technically gifted players.

Players who will help the club compete with the best teams in Europe for the next 5 to 10 years and help them recover quickly from their crippling debt burden through player sells as well as endorsement deals.

For now, having Messi leading the attacking lines is condemnable, he is a world class player capable of breaking the lines, creating chances and scoring goals but again, his presence is detrimental to the club’s over all progress

He is stopping the likes of Ousame Dembele, Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann and others from truly bringing out the best. With Messi there, they all forced to play second fiddle to the Argentinean and never the leader.

Secondly, Messi is a huge financial burden to club and cutting him off will be advisable. But why will any club want to lose Lionel Messi, he brings more money than he actually earns?

The paradox of Messi and Barcelona..

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