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6 facts you need to know about Manchester United £73m signing Jadon Sancho

Manchester United have agreed to pay £73 million for Jadon Sancho, according to Sky Sports. The fleet footed attacker is recognized for his explosive pace, dribbling abilities, feints, creativity and goals.

Sancho is a tremendously talented player and United are fortunate to have signed him.

Watford were the first team to spot him- Watford signed the Jadon Sancho when he was just 7-years-old after watching him dribble past his kids with ease and calmness. That enabled top clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and then Manchester City sign him.

Before, he went on to be a superstar with Borrusia Dortmund and today, he is a £73m player.

His idol is Ronaldinho– Sancho is modeled after Ronaldinho, one of the finest players in Brazilian history. He continues to watch the former Barcelona star and tries to imitate his movements on the practice field and even during games.

He started on the streets before Watford-Sancho’s rise to prominence began on the streets, where he would go and play football with his pals before joining Watford. One of Watford’s scouts noticed his ability to run with the ball and dribble his way past kids and felt he would be a fantastic player.

Sancho has a tattoo on his body that represents his deceased sibling– The tattoo helps Sancho recall the poetry he performed for his younger brother. The poem he wrote for him is still tattooed on his body along with a dove on top of it.

Sancho was given Dortmund no.7 shit ahead of Andriy Yarmolenko– The 21-year-old was given the number 7 shirt by Dortmund ahead of Andriy Yarmolenko despite the fact that the Ukrainian superstar arrived three days earlier than him.  Dortmund trusted Sancho and believed he will become a superstar one day.

Sancho said no to Guardiola- Despite a four-hour conversation with Pep Guardiola, Jadon Sancho was one of the few players to refuse Guardiola’s request to stay behind and play for him. Sancho didn’t want to remain on the bench as the days passed; he wanted to show the world that he was capable of being a world-class player.

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