Greedy Brazilian: Inter Miami refuses to sign Arsenal flop Willian due to his wage demands

Inter Miami will no longer be signing Willian after the Arsenal flop requested a hefty wage despite lackig the quality to justify such a demand.

The Brazilian is currently deemed surplus to requirement and free to Arsenal if a good offer comes in for him. That offer sadly will be hard to come by, knowing that WIllian is no longer the player he was five years ago and currently earns £220,000-a-week.

The Brazilian wants to stick to his humugous contract and not lower it too much.

Accordign to the Daily Mail, Inter Miami were open to signing him and had initially offered £75,000-a-week for his service only to be dumbfounded by his request.

The 32-year-old requested £167,000-a-week, £82,000 more than what the America based club currently pays their highest earning player Gonzalo Higuain.

Sadly, the negotiation is off and Willian will have to remain at Arsenal until someone is crazy enough to offer a finished a player £150,000 or more to play for them.

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