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5 obvious reasons why Lionel Messi is yet to extend his contract with Barcelona

Lionel Messi is no longer in the books of Barcelona after refusing to sign a contract extension with the club until he is certain his earnings as well as the club’s long term plans are viable.

Messi don’t want to be a burden to Barcelona nor those he want his earnings to be disrupted during the season. He loves the club but also loves to be paid.

Payment structures– Barcelona’s current offer to Lionel Messi isn’t as caching as the previous $674m offered to him 4 seasons ago neither does it cover for the deferred payment owned to him. The attacker wants to stay but he wants Barcelona to offer him a good offer along with the possibilities of been paid.

Guarantees of been paid– Its no longer secret, Barcelona are cash strapped and will need to sell some of their high earning players to save cost. The club can’t pay Lionel Messi what he deserves and still afford to pay Mousa Dembele and Philippe Coutinho who both earn $250,000-a-week.

Deferred payments– Lionel Messi meant have signed a $543m deal but, the attacker is yet to receive his full payment. The players want to know if he deferred payment will be added to his new contract and if its, how will the club pay it.

The club’s long term plan is discouraging– Lionel Messi is winner, he wants to win trophies with Barcelona but, the club’s recent signing isn’t encouraging. Apart from Sergio Aguero, Barcelona haven’t signed a player capable of matching Luis Suarez or Neymar in quality or goals.

Lionel Messi wants to see the likes of Lautaro Martinez, De Ligt or even, Aymeric Laporta before signing on.

Deferred payment and taxes– Barcelona do have a long term plan to incorporate Lionel Messi into the organization’s but the attacker isn’t sure if he wants to be part of it. Messi will likely be going to USA after retirement to represent Barcelona as the club’s ambassador but, what happens to his deferred earnings and the taxes he is expected to pay?

Will he pay them in USA or in the Spain, questions he wants answers to now before signing..

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