Real Madrid Editorial

Florentino Perez explosives remarks about Casillas and Raul underlines why Real Madrid kicked Ronaldo and Ramos out

Who is of Real Madrid’s standard? Nobody is really knows having listening to Florentino Perez crazy outburst about Raul Gonzalez and Iker Casillas.

Labelling two of Real Madrid’s greatest players as ‘fraud’ is pathetic and frankly shameful. His baseless assumptions were simply down to the club’s struggle in early 2000’s and his inability to redefine an era.

That failure made him lash out and label Raul who lifted 9 trophies with Real Madrid and Iker Casillas who succeeded in winning 3 Champions League trophies with Real Madrid along with two European Championships and the FIFA World Cup with Spain as FRAUD.

That hate and resentment is probably the reason why Sergio Ramos was kicked out of the club. Ramos was adored, loved, talked about and defended by the fans and press irrespective of his many errors.

Deep down Perez wanted get rid of him years ago but just couldn’t do it knowing how much the fans and press loved him especially in his younger days.

But as Ramos aged, the loved drained and the press and fans become skeptical of his form and durability. That fall out with the press sand Ramos refusal to sign presented Perez with the opportunity he logged for.

Kicking Ramos out wasn’t just about contract expiry, it was simply a craving Perez needed quenched without a backlash.

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