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3 reasons why Saul wants to join Liverpool and not Barcelona

Barcelona and Atletico Madrid might be planning to swap players but the players involved are not in complete agreement.

Griezmann wants to stay at Barcelona and prove his critics wrong while Saul wants to move to bigger and better club that can offer him a realistic chance of playing first team football and developing as a player.

Saul knows deep down Barcelona’s isn’t the club for him cause his skillsets don’t suit the club’s playing style. He will be a round hole in a square peg and later discarded once a better options surfaces in the club’s transfer radar.

The player will not guarantee first team football at Barcleona cause Ronald Koeman will always pick Pedri, Sergio Busquet and Frenkie De Jong ahead of him.

He will be bench warming player waiting for the club’s preferred starters to get tired so he can run out games or, cover for them when they get injured.

Joining Barcelona is not an ambition move, it more of a gamble which will backfired. Miralem Pjanic is a typical example of that.

Pjanic made a career ending mistake by leaving Juventus were he was the club’s player maker to Barcelona who were and still overly dependent on Lionel Messi. If Pjanic had stayed at Juventus until he retired, he would’ve be remembered as the best midfielder in Juventus history.

Saul knows all about Pjanic’s mistakes and risk of moving to Barcelona. He also knows will be discarded as soon as Barcelona get a better alternatives therefore, its pointless moving to Camp Nou when Liveprool is calling.

Liverpool never forgets their past players and that’s what differentiates them from other clubs. You don’t have to win anything to be a legend, just be loyal to the club.

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