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Perez façade: Why is El Confidencial hell bent on blackmailing Real Madrid president

El Confidencial decision to release discerning statements made by Florentino Perez some years ago is strange and pathetic.

What is the reason of doing that to a man who single handily turned Real Madrid into the most powerful club in Europe by lifting 7 of the club’s 13 Champions League trophies?

Perez is an exceptional leader and he proved over the years even though some of his decisions haven’t go down well with fans {mostly English fans} and UEFA.

European Super League might have failed but is that a justifiable reason why El Confidencial journalists Alejandro Requeijo, Alfredo Pascual and Kike Marin are hell bent on releasing castigating statements he made about others?

Or, was it because the newspaper reporteldy wanted to blackmail the president by demanding $10m from him to buy their silence. Those journalists who are now releasing this statments are lap dogs instructed by heads to attack vicoulsy.

It believe it or not, El Confidencial aren’t fighting for football nor are they fighting for Real Madrid’s past and present legends.

They’re motive is centered on ridiculing Perez until he succumbs to the pressure and paying them off in other to limit the damages Real Madrid’s brand will incur as a result of the released statements.

In all honesty, Perez isn’t the first president to lash out on past and present players or coaches. Other president have done even worst then him but are lucky their secrets are safe with reputable newspapers who don’t need to blackmail anyone to remain relevant.

No doubt El Confidencial will lose their reputation after this cause no reasonable personality will confide anything to them knowing that they will try to blackmail you later in future.

Perez will survive this and come out far stronger than he was before.

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