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3 difficult decisions Lionel Messi must make if Barcelona can’t sign him ON TIME

There’s a strong possibility that Barcelona could fail in their attempt to resign Lionel Messi before August 31 deadline. The club is fully aware of the implications of not resigning Messi and the damages it could do to their brand, investors and sporting project.

But, Barcelona do have a salary cap they can’t go above and need to sell off big earners like Antoine Griezmann, Miralem Pjanic, Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Umtiti and others to pave way for Messi.

Sadly, selling those players have proven much more difficult than actually re-signing Messi. Those players don’t want to leave and club’s who are interested in them can’t afford their crazy wages.

Therefore, leaving Barcelona in perilous situation.

Messi on the otherhand has three options to make if Barcleoan fall to sign him on time.

Wait till January 1st– Lionel Messi can wait for Barcelona till January 1st to get their house together before signing a contract extension. He will be avoided the chance to train with them and stay fit until January 1st when the transfer window is reopened.

Five months without football will certainly be hard for Messi to accept.

Accept a massive deduction in wages– If Messi agrees to slash his $153m-a-season wage to $2m a season, he wil instantly be reconfirmed a Barcelona player. $30,000-a-week isn’t so bad for a player who earned $435m in the past four years.

Ditch Barcelona and move on- The other options and frankly the best option Messi should take is to ditch Barcelona and move on. He can easily join PSG, Manchester City or United who are all ready to pay him $650,000-a-week if agrees to join them.

Juventus on the other hand are ready to pay him $500,000-a-week just to link him with Cristiano Ronaldo and earn millions off merchandize and endorsement deals.

If Messi leave Barcelona and join another European club it won’t change anything.. He is greatest player in Barcelona’s history and deserves to immortalized.

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