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3 reasons why Arsenal should replace Mikel Arteta with Antoine Conte

Its no longer news, Arsenal have nosedived to mediocrity over the years under several managers and now struggling for form and consistency.

The club once had arguably the best manager who knew how to build a football club from the scratch, win trophies and consistently qualify for European Football.

But as Arsene Wenger departed so did stability and success

Unai Emery did stabilize Arsenal by winning consisten games and taking them to the Europa League final but sadly, the club felt he wasn’t good enough for the long run. His successor Mikel Arteta did start off with a bang, FA Cup and Community Shield success but after that, his whole managerial campaign has marred by inconsistency and poor man management skills.

No doubt, Arsenal are need of change and its time the club get rid off for Antoine Conte:

Lack of foresight and poor team selection

Lacks experiences or tactical maneuver to win games and trophies– Antoine Conte is without doubt one of the best managers in the world. He success with Inter Milan proves his credibility coupled with his incredible work with Chelsea and before that, Juventus.

Replacing Mikel Arteta with Antoine Conte will instantly turn Arsenal’s fortunes around in just a season.

Poor man management skills and lacks the firing attitude to win games– Arteta recent fall out with Pierre Aubameyanang, Alexandre Lacazette and several players clearly illustrated his poor man management skills.

Arteta don’t know how to get his best players fired up during games and after it. Antonio Conte on the other hand is a master at doing it. He will get Arsenal players all fired up and those he feels are not good enough for the club sold.

Poor recruitment strategy- If Antoine Conte was the manager of Arsenal, the club won’t have sold Martinz for $20m to Aston Villa and then sign a championship keeper like Aaron Ramsdale for $30m. Nor will he accept the average players the clubs are currently signing.

Arsenal have the potential of doing great things but need a good manager.

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