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Carragher is wrong! Wijnaldum is right to bash ‘Some Crazy Liverpool fans’

Jamie Carragher asserssaton that Gini Wijnaldum shouldn’t have condemned crazy Liverpool fans who scathingly attacked him on social media but instead, should’ve turned off his twitter notifications or deleted it is shameful and in some degree naïve.

Wijnaldum gave his best to Liverpool and was arguably the club’s most inform midfielder last season. He trained hard and played very well despite the ill treatment he received from Liverpool’s board of directors who felt he doesn’t deserve an improved contract because of his age.

Such treatment is currently been dolled out to Jordan Henderson for clocking 30.

Last season wasn’t the best of season due to injuries suffered by the Reds defenders. Therefore, blaming Wijnaldum for defeats or draws looks shallow minded. Saying he isn’t giving his best to the team because he was almost out of contract or just agreed a fairy tale deal with Barcelona was careless talk.

People like Carragher fuelled the passion of the fans and they shamelessly attacked Gini Wijnaldum on twitter.

Carragher was then and now wrong to advising him to turn off the notification on his social media page or permanently delete it. The ex-Liverpool player has completely forgotten that Wijnaldum is a human being with emotions and what people say do hurt him.

He has his family, friends and a very loyal fan base who will always support him no matter what. Advising to switch off from everyone else and remain in complete silence for a season or more is just crazy talk.

Wijnaldum is a top football and Liverpool fans deserve to give him credit especially Jamie Carragher.

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