Its over CR7! Juventus won’t extend Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract

Juventus has ruled out the possibility of extending Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract beyond this season. The player will be 37-years-old next seaosn and Juventus feell its time he moves on rather than hamper the developmnet of other upcoming strikers.

Ronaldo has just a year left to run on his contract and Juvnetus are willing to see him run it down rather offer him an extension to his 28m-a-year deal.

Leaving Juventus won’t be end of Ronaldo if he can keep up his form and fitness. He is a global brand and most clubs will gladly offer him an outragous wage to get him to sign knowning his presence alone will instantly boast match attendance, merchandize sells, endoresement deals from multinational sells and world wide coverage.

Whereever Ronaldo goes, 300m fans follow him and they’re ready to pay and watch him play.

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