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Barcelona attempt to resign Messi to end in jeopardy as senior players refuse to leave

The question everyone is asking is when will Barcelona resign Lionel Messi? and if do, how are they going to balance the books? A difficult questions no one seems to know, not even the president of club Joan Laporta can answer.

Laporta knows Barcelona have barely a month to strike a deal with Messi and if the club’s high earners like Samuel Umtiti, Ousame Dembele, Philippe Coutinho and Miralem Pjanic don’t leave, Messi won’t join.

Antoine Griezmann’s departure have been talked about a lot over weeks and links to almost all of Europe’s biggest clubs have been made. But strangely, none of Europe’s elite club have asked about the French man.

PSG, Manchester United, Juventus or even Atletico Madrid have all refused to contact Barcelona over his availability.

Shamefully, Barcelona must now keep him out of the spot light and market others with the hope of selling them in less than a month before the transfer window closes

Players like Miralem Pjanic, Samuel Umtiti, Philippe Coutinho and Ousame Dembele are all available for sell but, none of them wants to leave.

They all want to stay and earn huge wages even if it means missing out on resigning Lionel Messi

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