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A future without Messi: Why Barcelona will crumble to dust when Leo is gone

When you think about Barcelona the first name that pops to your head is Lionel Messi followed by his numerous dribbles, phemeonal assists and goals that have characterized his game for the past 16 years.

With Barcelona, Messi holds the record for most goals in the league, European league seasons, hat tricks, assists and every other thing you can think off.

Club records {214} and trophies {34] epitomizes everything you need to know about Messi and Barca but what is so strange about his relationship with Barcelona is that he is still depend upon despite reaching the crucifix of his career.

Messi is close to retirement and yet, Barcelona holistically depends on him to win games and titles.

They can’t do without him on the pitch neither can they sell their merchandize properly; attract sponsorship deals or even attract new fans without Messi.

This is probably the reason why the club is hell bent on resigning him at all cost. Especially now that he has won a trophy with Argentina, added more fans to his Instagram account and even, showed them some tight booty working out to keep them entertained.

No doubt, bringing back Messi is a short term fix and Barcelona should know that already.

Its time Blaugrana giants start building a team capable of surviving without Messi or face the inevitability of crumbling to dust when the Argentinean retires.

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