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Why Barcelona vs Pep Guardiola row will end up hurting everyone else including Lionel Messi

Who would’ve imagined Barcelona will pick a fight with their most successful manager in history- Pep Guardiola.

Under Pep Guardiola, Barcelona revolutionized football by playing a high octane possession based football coupled with modern day gigan pressing to retrieve the ball back. That sensational style ensured Barcelona dominated football by winning 14 trophies including 2 Champions League trophies.

Guardiola still remains a legend in Barcelona but strangely not in the eyes of the club’s president Josep Maria Bartomeu who recently attacked the very club he managed Manchester City.

City are currently banished from all UEFA competitions after alleged breaches of Financial Fair Play Regulations. Although, they will appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport and get the verdict overturned.

Reacting to City’s situation, Bartomeu said: “I would like to thank UEFA regarding FFP”, he said. “They’ve been doing fantastic work in the last couple of years. We have regular investigations and we have supported UEFA in everything it does in football”.

Bartomeu scathing attack was disheartening and Guardiola decided it was time to launch his own tirade by accusing the club and Bartomeu of hiring a firm ’13 Ventures’ to publish stories that damaged the image of several players {including Lionel Messi}, ex-players, after they had criticized the Bartomeu.

“I don’t now if they spy me but they know me, it is not necessary to spy me”, Guardiola said during his press conference.

Guardiola right now is no longer thinking about his phenomenal record with Barcelona nor thinking about sensational return to the club thanks to Bartemou who stupidly burnt the bridge and created an unwanted enmity between Barcelona and Guardiola.

What Pep Guardiola now craves more than ever is to get the chance of meeting Barcelona and eliminating them from the Champions League. He wants to rub it on the faces of the directors and fans which frankly will be said to see.

The accusations and counter accusations is doing no one good not even the club’s greatest player Lionel Messi who recently told Deportivo Mundo that there’s ‘something weird going on at Barcelona and earlier they sort it out the better for the club’.

Everybody knows Leo is the sole reason Barcelona are still winning games and competing for major honours. But, if more embarrassing revelations keep unveiling itself just maybe, Messi might decide enough is enough and walk away. His departure will be good news to Pep Guardiola won’t have to worry about meeting them in the Champions League cause they won’t be in it.

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