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3 reasons why Rapheal Varane might struggle at Manchester United

On paper, Manchester United look one of the best team in the world with Raphael Varane marshalling the back and providing the platform to build an awesome attack. But in reality, United is just another disjointed team hoping on individual skillsets to win games or hopefully titles.

Varane is joining a team desperately trying to replicate its glory days of dominating the Premier League and creating lots of nuisances in Europe.

Hoping it works but their three obvious signs why Varane will struggle.

Harry Maguire is not Sergio Ramos and he lacks the Spaniard’s ruthlessness– Harry Maguire might be big and imposing but he lacks the technical skillsets of Sergio Ramos as well as the Spaniard’s ruthlessness, tenacious tackling as well as his leadership qualities.

Alongside Ramos, Varane was able to play his game knowing Ramos was by side to fix his errors in both ends of hte pitch. Ramos is without doubt the world’s best defender but, sometimes his tackles lives less to be adorned.

Manchester United need more than Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to win titles– No disrespect to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but he is not the manager to win Manchester United domestic and European trophies. Solskjaer don’t have the tactical nous to rival the best manages in Europe.

His team is built on individual skellsets of certian players and not necessary a tactical pattern of play.

Pace, ferocity and congestion of games will test his limit– Varane’s mentality and physical fitness will be tested in the Premier League. Games come thick and fast in the Premier League and Varane will be expected to put 110 % in every game he plays.

Hopefully he doesn’t break down much early then expected.

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