Enough is enough: Muhammadu Buhari must be stopped from traveling out of the country to seek medical help

For 8th time since assuming power as the president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has again left the country to seek medical help in the United Kingdom.

The president’s classified sickness has left many to speculate about his mental state, comical decision making that has plunged the country into chaos and disarray which has forced freedom fighters to assume he was cloned.

According to World Health Organisation, Nigeria have one of the worst health care facility in the world despite budgeting over $ 1.2 billion on health care and N1.4b on the State House Clinic.

Shamefully, this funds meant to fix Nigerian’s dilapidating hospitals and provide remuneration for doctors, nurses and other important stakeholders are either looted or misappropriated.

Even in the pinnacle of power, ‘Aso Rock’, the federal hospitals don’t even a standard facilities to save a life and this is why the former Chief of Staff Abba Kyari died after United Kingdom and other developed countries with proper health care facilities refused closed their bodies during the war against Covid-19.

Had the facilities been properly fixed, lives of the noble and rich would’ve been saved.

Its a shame that President Muhammed Buhari lives his own country to seek help in another man’s country. You will never see the America president or the UK prime minister leaving their shores to Africa for medical treatment so why the Opposite?

Why is country spending over N576m on medical tourism and yet, there’s no single hospital capable of providing world class treatment?

Its time the upper and lower chamber of the legislators pass a law banning the president, the vice president and other top government from travelling abroad for medical tourism. They should all stay in their country and fix the health facilities.

Nigeria is without doubt very lucky to have survived scare of Covid-19. But what if the disease had become rampant like UK? what would’ve been the fate of Nigerians who are currently the 3rd poorest people in world?

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