Criminal in uniform: Why Abba Kyari must be arrested, detained and jailed for abating international cyber crime

The embarrassing revelation from the US department of justice has finally smashed the integrity of the Nigeria police force and its key decision makers.

Abba Kyari, a deputy commissioner of police {DCP} has been indicted by the US justice department for abating Hushpappi to carry out his nefarious internet scam worldwide.

Kyari further debased the police force by arresting Kelly Chibuzor Vincent who is also a notorious internet scammer and part of the syndicate who swindled $1.1m from a Qatari business man who was attempting to build a school for children.

Chibuzor offence was attempting to get his own lion share of the scam which irritated the mastermind of the operation- Hushpappi.

To teach him a lesson, Hushpappi called his erred boy in the Nigeria police force to arrest, detain and take pictures of Chibuzor which was gladly done for some monetary exchange.

Hushpuppis criminal syndicates

Thankfully, this monsters have been caught, their ill gotten properties seized and accounts frozen. People who have fallen victim to the massive internet fraud will get thier respective money back.

But surprisingly, all but one of the accomplices won’t face the full wrath of the law cause he is on uniform.

Abba Kyari is attempting to seek solace from the very corrupt judicial system in Nigeria and criminally minded police force. But, he won’t be spared like other filthy rich criminals in Nigeria have made lives of ordinary citizen unbearable.

This issues is a worldwide cyber crime fraud and Kyari is part of it. He will be arrested, trialed and sentenced to jail just the other criminals.

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