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Why Manchester City will be crazy to pay £100m for Jack Grealish

Why are talented English players so expensive to sign? A difficult question to answer knowing that some of them lack the technical awareness or intelligence to bench their European pairs in some of Europe’s biggest clubs.

This is probably the reason why Europe’s finest clubs Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, Bayern Munich or PSG hardly think English when revamping their squad. Jack Grealish though is an exception, he is silky, crafty and good in dribbling past players with feint or step overs.

His incredible display in Villa’s 7-2 win over Liverpool showed the rest of the world what he can do when giving a lot space to pick out a pass, dribble his way to goal or even shot at goal and score.

Against Liverpool, he was devastatingly good and and that caught the attention of most of Europe’s finest club including Manchester City. But after a famous outing against Liverpool, Grealish faded into obscurity and struggled to reciprocate similar display against Premier League opposition in six consecutive games.

To put it into context, Grealish isn’t in the same cadre as Kevin de Bruyne, Mohamed Salah, Raheem Sterling or even Pierre Emerick Aubameygang so why cost £100m..

He is not even consistent, reliable nor those he posses the foresight and remarkable goal scoring qualities to match any of Europe’s best players. Sadly, the only record Grealish can boast of having falls on the number of fouls committed on him while he attempts to dribble unsuccessfully.

With over 156 fouls committed on him last season although some were dives, you could easily say, Grealish is the younger version of Mario Gotze but without trophies or the World Cup.

City’s decision to bid £100m for the attacker is frankly crazy and insanely difficult to understand how that will result to a Champions League trophy.

Everyone knows Manchester City wants to win the Champions League but how is Grealish going to deliver it for the club when he has never won a single meaningful trophy in his career?

The lavish bid for Grealish pops up more questions than answers and soon rather than later we all know if the those in charge of City’s deep pockets are prudent managers or just wasteful spenders.

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