Not mutiny, just extended break: Harry Kane will return to ‘Tottenham On Saturday’

The remours about Harry Kane’s potential was been blown out of proportion. Kane has no intention to force his way out of Tottenham neither does he want to destroy his hard earned reputation with the club and the fans.

The attacker didn’t miss training as falsely reported, Kane was afforded more rest days to recharge his break just like his vice captain Jordan Henderson who is yet to return to the first team.

Suggesting Henderson’ late arrival was an attempt to force his way out of the club is crazy talk.

On Kane’s part why should anyone expect Kane to force a move to Manchester City or which ever club when no one has officially made a bid for him?

If his move is granted, who is going to pay $150m for him when we all know Manchester City main priority is signing $100m Jack Grealish and not Harry Kane.

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