La Liga prepares for life without Lionel Messi as Barcelona plea to ‘increase salary cap is rejected’

La Liga has rejected Barcelona’s pleas to increase their salary cap in other to resign Lionel Messi. The league directors had to make the tough decision to maintain sanity in the league and force Barcelona to re-evaluate their squad and make way for Messi.

They can’t be spending more than earn and still be pleading with La Liga to give more chances to makes losses by resigning Messi.

Excess salary caps equates to nothing more than allowing clubs to make financial losses which in turn affects the viability of the league.

La Liga president Javier Tebas do have the power to make economical adjustments and allow Barcelona bring back Messi but, before his regulation is passed he needs the consent of all twenty top flight Spanish clubs to accept which on its own is a dead end.

No doubt a season without Lionel Messi affect Barcelona and La Liga as a brand but, after a while adjustments will be made by everyone and Messi will be history.

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