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3 reasons why Barcelona and Messi failed to reach an agreement

Lionel Messi will no longer be representing Barcelona after refusing to accept their financial terms. The attacker will be a wearing a different club jersey for the first time in his professional career.

The Argentinean’s decision to leave Barcelona is a huge shock to all that is concerned but reading through the lines it was easy to understand why Messi had to leave.

First, Barcelona owned him money and they didn’t have the means to pay him back.

He did sign a $543m deal with them four years ago but, the club is still owns him some money and have no intention of paying him in full or including that money to the fresh contract their offered him.

Secondly, Barcelona do not have adequate funds to pay him even if they succeed in signing him. La Liga’s structural adjustments do not allow clubs to spend more than earn and therefore, Barcelona have to sell off their high earning players to keep Messi.

Sadly, none of those high players want to leave knowing they won’t be paid similar funds in other clubs.

Finally, Messi isn’t really happy with Barcelona’s recent signings. He doesn’t see a team capable of winning him the Champions League or even the La Liga.

Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay, Emerson Royal and others and not in the same caliber of Kevin De Bruyne, Mohamed Salah or even Jorginho.

So rather then return to Camp Nou and suffer, Messi has taken the easy route and said goodbye.

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