4 clubs that can realistically sign Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi might be a free agent but their certain criteria’s club’s who are interested in him must posses. There’s no denying Messi is a global superstar with lots endorsements and investors rallying around him.

His next club have to be an elite club not a mid table club whose best season is qualifying for the Europa League. Messi will join a club capable of winning the Champions League and other trophies.

This means certain clubs are automatically ruled out of signing Messi even if they’ve millions to offer him.

Manchester United– The club might have digress amongst its European peers in terms of trophies won but United still have the millions to spend and the squad need to compete.

A team with Jadon Sancho and Raphael Varane will certainly interest Messi.

Manchester City- The state sponsored club is in the best position to sign Lionel Messi and offer him whatever contract he wants. He will also be reunited with his former coach Pep Guardio

Nasser Al-Khelaifi to sell the Frenchman to Real Madrid to help offset the cost of Messi‘s salary.

la who won a lot with him and made him arguably the finest player in the world.

Added to that, Messi will be united with Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain who are excellent in building a world class team.

But before signing Messi, Manchester City must at least sell one of their attacking players in other not to have over bloated team. Bernando Silva, Raheem Sterling or even Riyad Mahrez have to leave now that Messi is available.

PSG– For now, the Parisian giants are the firm favourites to sign Lionel Messi. First, they will offer him the contract he wants, secondly, unite him with his best friend Neymar and his long term rival Sergio Ramos.

Messi and Ramos in the same team, oh my god! how awkward.

Juventus– The Italian giants are capable of signing Lionel Messi but, how will Cristiano Ronaldo feel seeing his biggest advisory lining up alongside him? Will it will bring out the best in both Ronaldo or even Messi?

Will it be fun watching both men play side to side but the truth remains, Messi and Ronaldo can’t work in tandem. Why? both men need to compete against each other to bring out the best in them. Ronaldo wants to outdo Messi and vise visa.

Putting them in the same team will be a disaster for the manager who must always pick them irrespective of their form or fitness cause the whole world is watching.

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