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Pique reveals 3 areas Barcelona will suffer without Lionel Messi

Gerard Pique is worried about the upcoming season after watching Barcelona’s greatest player exit the Camp Nou in tears.

Seeing Lionel Messi sob bitterly instantly reminded Pique of the things he loved about the Argentinian captain. His passion, moments of genius and how humanely he can be but, he also realized that his exit will have a mountainous effect on him and the club in general.

Realizing this, Pique listed three areas Barcelona will suffer:

Goals and assists will instantly dry up– With Lionel Messi gone, who in Barcelona can realistically score 30 goals a season along with 25 or more assists? A question even Pique is struggling to answer.

Sergio Aguero is without doubt capable of scoring 20 goals or more when fit but you get the feeling he is finished player having be struck down repetitively by long term injuries. Memphis Depay on the other hand has never scored 30 or more goals a season neither has Martin Braithwaite scored up to 25 goals in his entire career in a season.

Fear factor and influence- Its a known fact that most coaches spend 70% of their time thinking of how to stop Lionel Messi and not necessary Barcelona as a team. They know Messi is the threat and stopping him is vital in winning matches.

With Messi, Barcelona is a force to reckon with but without him, Barcelona is just another average Spanish with lots of rejected players who earn massive wages.

Leadership- Messi isn’t just about dribbling, passing and scoring phenomenal goals. He is a leader and everyone at Barcelona respects him for all has achieved cause they know he doesn’t just talk, he delivers.

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