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5 reasons why Mbappe will be crazy to ditch PSG for Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe has to choice to make that will have impact on his professional career. The French international can decide to move to Real Madrid who are desperately in need of a world class attacker to make them successful on and off the pitch.

But why move now that Lionel Messi is in PSG. A player that has attracted 200 million global viewers to Ligue 1 which was once branded ‘the farmers league’.

Joining Real Madrid now will certainly be laughable, Mbappe will be branded a joke and this is why:

Real Madrid is inferior to PSG- Mbappe will be crazy to ditch a partnership with Lionel Messi and Neymar for Karim Benzema and Vinicius Jr.

Messi is head and shoulder above Benzema while Neymar is far superior to Vinicius Jur, Eden Hazard, Gareth Bale, Asensio or whoever is there at Real Madrid. Added to that, there’s no single defender in Real Madrid that can compete with Sergio Ramos in terms of quality or leadership.

Ramos is the only defender that can score accurate spot kicks, free kicks as well as score last minute goals or headers.

Messi can teach Mbappe a lot– There’s a lot Mbappe can learn playing alongside Lionel Messi if he pays attention like Neymar once did at Barcelona.

Messi might be 34-years-old but, he is still better than Mbappe and he can teach him to dribbling effortlessly, drop deep and orchestrate the flow of the game or even take accurate free kicks from any distance. He can also turn Mbappe into a man and a future leader of both PSG and France.

Champions League is guaranteed– Unlike Real Madrid, PSG now have the best squad in the world. They’ve the world best player, defender and even midfielders.

Frankly, i don’t see any reason why Mbappe is rejecting PSG offers in other to join a washed out team like Real Madrid. Soon rather than later, he will see the value of staying with PSG.

PSG pay better than Real Madrid- PSG have the financial backing of a oil rich state to pay Mbappe whatever he wants. So why leave them for a club who is still dreaming of forming a dead and buried European Super League.

PSG have the potential to sign more superstars– More superstars are expected to arrival next season and i can see Erlign Haaland playing in PSG than Real Madrid cause the Parisian giants have the stars and money to attract the very best.

Mbappe should remain with PSG, they’re richer and more powerful than Real Madrid or Barcelona.

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