5 things Lionel Messi will bring to PSG that ‘Kylian Mbappe will absolutely LOVE’

PSG have pulled off the deal of the centaury by signing one of the greatest player of all time. The Parisian giants have signed Lionel Messi for free and offered a deal no other European club can match.

Messi arrived like a king and will live like a king but such frivolous lifestyle will be dragged to mud if Messi do not replicate his Barcelona form at the Parc des prince.

The Argentinean is expected to bring lots of things to PSG but five of those will certainly interest Kylian Mbappe.

Messi will bring global attention to PSG and Ligue 1– Apart from Premier League, La Liga and Seria A {thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo} must people don’t really watch the Ligue 1 or even the Bundesliga.

Ligue 1 is mocked as the ‘farmers league’, while Bundesliga is called ‘the Bayern league’ due to the Bayern Munich’s unbelievable dominance.

But with Messi now at Ligue 1, the league will be taken seriously by everyone. Mbappe’s football will now be appreciated and the talk of him moving to a better league to prove his qualities will finally cease.

Mbappe can now win the Ballon d’Or at PSG without going to Real Madrid- As earlier stated, Mbappe don’t have to go anywhere else to be regarded as the best player in the world. Playing alongside Messi will give him the exposure he needs to win every single individual award he dreams of winning.

PSG will be under enormous pressure to win everything- Already, there’s a petition calling for UEFA to seize Mauricio Pochettino’s coaching license if he fails to win a single trophy with PSG.

He can’t call himself an elite coach if can’t win a single trophy with Messi, Mbappe, Nemar, Di Maria, Wijnaldum, Ramos and others. In fact, if he fails to win at least three trophies {the Champions League included}, PSG should do the needful and fire him.

That extreme pressure to win everything is good for Kylian Mbappe cause it will massively help in bringing out the best in him.

Mbappe is no longer the king in Paris until he proves it- Mbappe is no longer the best player at PSG now that Mess has arrived. The youngster must first take the back seat and learn from the best before launching out to compete with him.

Messi is just in another level and if Mbappe really thinks he is up there with Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo he better wake up. Reaching that level requires 10 years of consistent football top level football.

Messi will teach Mbappe how to be selfless- There’s something about Messi that makes him so special and as well so humble. He is the sort of player that helps everyone around him win by either providing the assist or scoring the assisted goals.

He won’t shoot for the sake of shooting, he will instead find Mbappe or Neymar with the rest pass for them to score or, he will teach Mbappe how to selfless and pass the ball rather than shooting for the sake of it. Football is a team sport and Messi will inculcate that knowledge to Mbappe.

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