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5 incredible things Romelu Lukaku will bring to Chelsea

Romelu Lukaku has rejoined Chelsea on a permanent basis after Inter Milan accepted €115m signing fee and the player received €6m sign on fee.

Lukaku is now the Premier League’s highest paid player with £450,000-a-week, £160,000 more than what Chelsea currently pay their highest earner N’Golo Kante.

When it comes to money, Lukaku will earn a fortune with Chelsea if he replicate his Inter Milan form with Chelsea who are desperate to the win the Premier League and other domestic trophies after winning the Champions League last season.

Here are the five things Lukaku will bring to Chelsea

Physical presence and goals- One of Romelu Lukaku’s biggest strait is his robust physique which he uses briallntly to beat defenders before scoring. It enables him to hold up play and bring others into the game or, flick the ball to the second striker who is bearing down on goal.

That ability to flick the ball to the second striker helped Lautaro Martinez score lots of goals at Inter Milan.

Lukaku is a team player and players will love him– Apart from his infamous altercation with Zlatan Ibrahimovic during a heated derby between Inter Mila and AC Milan it is a known fact that Lukaku is loved by everyone especially his teammates. Chelsea fans and his new teammates will love him.

He is a peace marker– The famous row between Lautrao Martinez and Antonio Conte was cleverly ended by Romelu Lukaku who set up a boxing match for both men to fight it out. The smart move from Lukaku instantly ended other rows currently brawling between the manager and player.

Chelsea veterans Cesar Azpliceuta, Antonio Rudiger or Marcos Alonso will be put in their places by Lukaku who first signed for Chelsea back in 2010 when Mikel Obi, Ashely Cole, John Terry and even Frank Lampard were still signing contract extensions.

Lukaku is a fighter, he personifies Diego Costa- Lukaku is a wild boar, he will attack incessantly until he finds a way past the defenders and score. He is similar to Diego Costa but much calmer and cool heated than the ‘crazy Brazilian’.

Lukaku will help Timo Werner find his shooting boot– Lukaku can help Timo Werner discover his brilliant best by training along side him and telling him what to do and not to do when put through on goal.

Put this way, Werner isn’t a bad striker, he just lacks self confidence. He needs help and Lukaku will help him.

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